Bank Melli Iran’s Strategies, Vision on Right Track

Bank Melli Iran's annual general assembly meeting for the financial period ending on 29 Esfand 1401was held with the presence of Seyed Ehsan Khandouzi, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance as the Chairman of the Assembly, Mohammad Javad Sharifzadeh, Vice President of Banking, Insurance and State Enterprises of the Ministry of Economy, CEO, and members of the Board of Directors and the senior managers of the Bank Melli Iran, and also the majority of members and representatives of the Assembly members from the Program and Budget Organization, the Ministry of Jihad, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Mines, the Ministry of Welfare and the Audit Organization of the country.

According to BMI public relations, in this meeting, appreciating the CEO and the members of the Board, staff, and auditor of BMI, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance expressed: According to statistics and reports, during the last two years and especially the last year, BMI performance shows a significant growth in all indicators that should be appreciated.

Khandouzi further added: It is obvious that in the new management period, regarding financial discipline and target setting, undoubtedly, the bank will return to its real position in the bank system.

Bank Melli Iran is in the right systematic direction.

He called BMI a highly honored organization and said: The Bank's strategies and vision are in the right systematic direction and have a great strength and accordingly, in the current year, with comprehensive and precise planning and specific tactics, we can decrease bank disequilibrium till it is stable and considering new management's power, it is not far from expectations.

The Minister of Economy continued to address the issue of monitoring and dealing with the affairs of subsidiary companies and said: This year, the production of assets should be accelerated and the transfer of economic enterprises should be a priority.

He further requested the bank's entry into the fields of investment in the infrastructure and superstructure sectors of the country and pointed out that it is necessary and important to direct the bank's resources to the path of the development and progress of the country.

Khandozi said: The Bank Melli Iran should be the first in the banking system in the field of providing online loans and services.

He further reminded: By planning and using all the capacities and capabilities of the bank, it is necessary to improve the bank's international field more than before so that it is recognized as the model of the banking system as in the past.

Khandouzi pointed the BMI's performance in the asset generation field and noted: BMI is a game maker in the banking system and considering this, with the bank's action in the field of assets transfer, we will see other banks are on this path.

The bank loss machine stopped.

As the ceremony continued, Dr. Abolfazl Najarzadeh, the CEO of Bank Melli Iran pointed out that the bank loss machine stopped and said: In the last year, by the Ministry of Economy's support, and all colleagues' endeavors and efforts, we could get one percent of the market and after several years years make the bank profitable.

He further said: This year, we are also determined to reach two percent of the bank's target in getting market share, through planning and coordination with double colleagues' effort.

Dr. Najarzadeh called the sale of surplus properties, 5 efforts last year and said: According to the instructions and existing assignments, we should have had 2 efforts to sell surplus properties last year, which has reached 5 efforts, and this indicates the efforts of our colleagues in the bank.

In this meeting the Vice President of Banking, Insurance, and State Enterprises of the Ministry of Economy, the members of the board, and several senior managers of the Ministry of Economy and BMI were present, representatives of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare, representative of the Ministry of Jihad, representative of the Management and Planning Organization and some other experts present in the meeting, while assessing parts of the financial statements of BMI, appreciated its actions and performance in serving the development of the country.

It should be mentioned, in this meeting, a report on the performance of the bank's indicators, activities, actions, and also the financial and operational status of the bank in 1401, was presented to the members of the assembly, and at the end, the bank's financial statements were approved.

Source: Tehran Times