New generation of Ghadir, Fateh submarines to join IRGC Navy

New generation of Ghadir, Fateh submarines to join IRGC Navy

TEHRAN, Aug. 28 (MNA) – IRGC's Navy will receive the new generation of the Ghadir-class and Fateh-class submarines, Tehran-based media outlets reported on Monday.

Citing informed sources, Tasnim News Agency reported that the Navy of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps will receive the new version of the manned submarines.

The 600-ton Fateh is among semi-heavy submarines and is equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry such as torpedoes and naval mines. Fateh is also outfitted with a guided missile system and an advanced sonic radar system, which can identify enemy vessels. It can operate more than 200 meters below the sea surface for nearly five weeks.

The Ghadir-class submarines, first unveiled in 2018, are designed to cruise within the shallow waters of the Persian Gulf to ensure peace and security of Iran's maritime borders.

The submarines capable of launching subsurface-to-surface missiles, torpedoes, and mines have joined Iran's naval fleet.

Iran has so far launched different classes of domestically-built advanced submarines including Ghadir, Qaem, Nahang, Tareq, and Sina.


Source: Mehr News