Islamic Resistance of Iraq Targets Haifa Port with Precision Missiles

Islamic Resistance of Iraq Targets Haifa Port with Precision Missiles

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Islamic Resistance of Iraq announced in a statement that Haifa port, situated in the occupied territories, has been struck by precision missiles.

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"Our fighters have directed advanced cruise missiles at Haifa port in the occupied Palestinian territories," said the Islamic Resistance of Iraq in its statement, reiterating its commitment to the Palestinian cause.

The operations, as outlined in the statement, are part of the ongoing resistance against the Israeli occupiers and in solidarity with the people of Gaza, in light of the oppressive regime's crimes against Palestinians. The anti-terror group has stressed its determination to continue operations aimed at disrupting the enemy's positions.

The Iraqi Islamic Resistance indicated on Friday that it had a “bank” of Israeli targets, which will be subjected to unforeseen attacks. In recent strikes, Iraqi fighters utilized advanced al-Aqrab cruise missiles to target Mossad's "Glilot" intelligence center in Tel Aviv and the "Abraham" intelligence headquarters in Beersheba on Thursday. Additionally, they executed an operation against an Israeli target in the Dead Sea.

Since last October, Iraq's Islamic Resistance has been engaged in a series of strikes against Israeli regime targets, coinciding with the onset of the regime's violent campaign in Gaza.

Concurrently, the umbrella group of Iraqi anti-terror fighters has conducted operations against US occupation forces in Iraq and Syria. Amidst the Gaza crisis, the United States, Israel's staunch ally, has expedited arms deliveries to the regime and hindered UN resolutions advocating for a ceasefire.

Source: Tasnim News