Finding Nemo

According to a pole held by an Israeli TV channel, there is a crevasse within the Zionists society when it comes to almost every single issue, regardless of the importance.

In one case, Israeli 12 TV Channel asked the audience about their stance on the working of light duty train in Israel on Saturdays.

Over 60 precent of the voters supported a normal working schedule, including the Saturdays, and 33 precent said they believe the train should not be providing any service on Saturdays. This comes from a religious principle which implies that every non-religious activity should cease on the Jewish holy day of Saturday. The audience were also asked who they think is responsible for the current crisis in the Israeli army. Nearly 57 precent of the participants believed that the Israeli government hold the responsibility for the untidy situation in the army. In an interesting case of shift of opinion, more than 17 precent of the voters held army’s pilot in charge of the crisis and almost 7 precent believed the army’s chief of staff, Herzi Halevi, has caused the chaos. The participants were also asked to assess the Israeli PM’s performance in handling the current political-social crisis inside the Occupied Palestine. More the 61 precent of the voters evaluated Netanyahu’s performance to be poor, and 31 precent had a positive view about his crisis management.

Not That Special Anymore

The members of the Special Unit of Israel’s Occupation Forces wrote a letter to the Israeli PM and his cabinet yesterday, warned about the negative effects of the judicial revolution on Israel’s security, Israeli 12 TV channel reported today. The signers called the judicial reforms and the aftermath events “a silent and brutal wound about which most of the public have no idea”. The letters warns that this wound “can inflict significant damages in the future war or the nuclear threats” imposed by the opponents. “We know that the Prime Minister is aware of the situation, but he decided to hide it from the public and the media. Unfortunately, the current circumstances imply that Israel’s government and its leader have decided to destroy the most important strategic assets of Israel”, the letter says. The special forces members called the situation in the Occupied Palestine a “black and white status” which leaves no room for silence. They implicitly threatened the government and the army’s chief of staff that unless they disclose what has been negotiated behind the closed doors, the signers will reveal what has been kept from the public for so long.

The Extending Crisis

The crisis of “refusal to report” within the reserve units of Israeli Occupation Forces which had started with the pilots and high-ranking officers of the air force, is now extending inside the Israeli army and has now involved the full time employed staff members as well. The explicit conflict between the government and the Prime Minister from one side, and the senior commanders of the army on the other side which resulted in a chain of complaining statements by some Knesset members against the army, is an indicator of the aforementioned crisis, Israeli media Channel 13 reported. Amongst the most senior units of the army, there are commanders who don’t know how to deal with their subordinate officers. They claim they cannot serve the army which is being accused of treason.

Source: Tehran Times