Palestinians Decry Second Nakba As They Confront Israeli Onslaught Alone

Palestinians Decry Second Nakba As They Confront Israeli Onslaught Alone

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Seventy-six years since the Nakba in 1948, Palestinians grapple with a renewed wave of displacement and Israeli violence.

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In the face of escalating Israeli attacks in Gaza and territorial expansion in the West Bank, Palestinians lament their isolation, likening the present turmoil to a second Nakba.

Palestinians across the occupied West Bank reflect on the historic Nakba, remembering the solidarity of Arab countries against Israel during that time. Adeeb Nazzal from Qabatiya recalls the unity of Arab soldiers who fought alongside Palestinians in the first Arab-Israeli war. However, in the current war, Palestinians feel isolated, with Arab nations prioritizing their own interests over Palestine's plight.

Israeli forces have intensified attacks across Gaza, with reports of bombardments in refugee camps and incursions into civilian areas. In the Nuseirat refugee camp, Israeli airstrikes claimed the lives of at least 14 Palestinians, including children. The situation in the north remains dire, with ongoing battles between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian fighters displacing over 100,000 people.

In Gaza's southern city of Rafah, where Israeli ground operations persist, approximately 450,000 Palestinians have been displaced, according to UNRWA. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres condemned Israel's operations, emphasizing the need to protect civilians and calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.

The forced expulsion of Palestinians has exacerbated humanitarian challenges, hindering aid distribution to families facing hunger in makeshift camps. Israeli restrictions on humanitarian supplies via the Rafah border crossing have further deepened the crisis. Despite calls for its reopening, tensions persist between Israel and Egypt over control of the crossing.

With over 35,000 casualties of the Israeli genocidal war, including many women and children, and 80% of Gaza's health centers out of service, the humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate. Gaza's civil defense struggles to recover bodies amid widespread destruction, estimating it could take years to retrieve all victims from the rubble.

As Palestinians mark another year since the Nakba, the cycle of Zionist violence and displacement persists, underscoring the urgent need for international intervention and a lasting resolution to the Israeli violence.

Source: Tasnim News