Heads of provincial chambers of commerce call for promoting economic diplomacy

TEHRAN – Heads of Iran’s chambers of commerce have called on the Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) to draft a comprehensive plan for strengthening the country’s economic diplomacy.

During a meeting of the council of Iran’s provincial chambers of commerce on Monday, the attendees suggested that the ICCIMA should propose a detailed and efficient plan in order to strengthen the country's economic diplomacy in the region and in relation to other countries, the ICCIMA portal reported.

They also demanded the ICCIMA to address the challenges related to the process of issuing Business ID cards.

At the beginning of the meeting, ICCIMA Head Hossein Selahvarzi mentioned some of the measures taken by the chamber since the beginning of his tenure, including the formation of the chamber’s specialized committees, and considered it a step in the direction of fulfilling the duties of the chamber.

According to the official, establishing relations between the ICCIMA committees and the corresponding committees in the parliament will also be established soon.

The ICCIMA head also mentioned holding meetings with the ambassadors of some countries in Tehran and at the same time with Iranian ambassadors in other countries with the aim of developing the level of mutual relations.

Selahvarzi also talked about the correspondence with President Ebrahim Raisi about the ICCIMA’s seven strategic plans for improving the country’s economy.

According to the official the plans, especially those regarding the development of regional ties, have been welcomed by the president.


Source: Tehran Times