Iran pledges support for Sudan’s peace and stability

Iran pledges support for Sudan's peace and stability

Iran's Acting President Mohammad Mokhber has said the Islamic Republic will not withhold any assistance to promote peace, independence and stability in Sudan.

"We will not withhold any assistance for the independence, progress, and tranquility of the people of Sudan," Mokhber said during a meeting with Sudan's Foreign Minister Hussein Awad in Tehran on Sunday.

He expressed appreciation for the Sudanese government's solidarity with the Islamic Republic following the martyrdom of Iran's late President Ebrahim Raisi, who was martyred in a helicopter crash last week.

Mokhber highlighted the influential role of the administration of Presient Raisi in enhancing the relationship and cooperation between Iran and other Islamic countries.

He stressed that this approach will continue as a "fundamental strategy" of the Islamic Republic.

Awad, for his part, conveyed the condolences of the Sudanese president, government, and people to the Iranian nation and leadership.

He described the robust and efficient structure of Iran's Islamic establishment as a bulwark that protects the system against major events and occurrences.

Sudan had cut off all diplomatic relations with Iran in 2016 a day after Saudi Arabia had done the same.

The two countries had agreed to restore their ties last year following a China-brokered rapprochement deal between Tehran and Riyadh.

Source: KhabarOnline