Zionist attacks on Rafah leave dozens of Palestinians dead, injured

Zionist attacks on Rafah leave dozens of Palestinians dead, injured

Israeli warplanes have bombed tents and camps of displaced Palestinians in the southern Gaza city of Rafah, killing at least 30 people and injuring dozens of others.

IRNA has cited Palestinian media reports as saying that dozens of people were injured in this attack, the exact number of which has not yet been ascertained.

The Palestinian Red Crescent says air strikes killed and wounded a "large number" of people in a designated humanitarian area of Rafah.

"The Palestine Red Crescent ambulance crews are transporting a large number of martyrs and injured individuals following the occupation's targeting of the displaced persons' tents near the United Nations headquarters northwest of Rafah," the Red Crescent said in a post on X on Sunday night.

The ministry of health in Gaza and the emergency committee of the Rafah Governorate also reported a strike on a displacement center, saying it killed and wounded dozens.

Official sources in Gaza say that the number of martyrs is expected to rise as the search for people trapped under the rubble is still ongoing.

Zionist attacks on Rafah leave dozens of Palestinians dead, injured

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority’s information office in Gaza announced that the Zionist occupying army bombed more than 10 Palestinian refugee centers in Rafah since Saturday, resulting in the death of more than 190 Palestinians.

According to the Palestinian Samas news agency, the PA information office emphasized that the Zionist army targeted the refugee tents and camps in Rafah with 7 rockets and large bombs. “At least 30 Palestinians were martyred and dozens of others were injured, a large number of them women and children”.

The Emergency Committee in Rafah announced that the attack on the Khayyam camp, that left at least 30 people dead, came despite the fact the Zionist regime had declared it as a safe area.

“We transported 50 martyred and wounded people as a result of the Israeli bombing of the displaced persons’ camp, northwest of Rafah”, the Civil Defense in Gaza announced in a statement, adding that “The area targeted by the occupation contains 100,000 displaced people”.

Zionist attacks on Rafah leave dozens of Palestinians dead, injured

The latest bloodshed comes as various international and regional countries and organizations have requested the International Court of Justice to stop the Israeli regime from attacking Rafah, reopen this passage for humanitarian aid to enter the Gaza Strip, guarantee the arrival of the fact-finding committee to investigate the facts related to genocide.

More than 36,000 Palestinians have been killed since last October when the Israeli genocide began, mostly women and children. More than 80,000 others have been also injured while thousands remain unaccounted for

Source: KhabarOnline