“Bale” is always with Arbaeen Hosseini Pilgrims

Following services to Arbaeen Hosseini Pilgrims by Bank Melli Iran, buying Arbaeen currency, free and internet_free system of Arbaeen status announcements is available for pilgrims on "Bale" messenger.

According to BMI public relations, "Bale" messenger by providing an Arbaeen communication system, connecting Hossaini pilgrims with their fellow travelers and loved ones completely free of charge, with an Iranian SIM card, without needing an internet connection or buying an Iraqi SIM card.

Arbaeen status announcement system in this messenger helps pilgrims communicate with their family and friends during the trip without worrying.

To use this system, after installing or updating "Bale", go to the Jarian section and by using the Status Announcement option and recording your last status, tell others where you are, Or by using View Status and entering fellow Travellers' numbers, see their last status.

"Video and Voice Call"

Using "Bale" messenger, video and voice call is also available and dear pilgrims can go to the Conversation page and by choosing the Call option use this practical option if they had access to the internet.

Providing Arbaeen Currency through Bale

Buying Arbaeen currency is available soon, on this application and pilgrims can go to the Services page on Bale, by choosing the branch and the time and date to get currency and paying for Iraqi Dinar in Rial, save their time.

Source: Tehran Times