Former Iranian CBI governor accused of providing IMF with secret information

Former Iranian CBI governor accused of providing IMF with secret information

Abdolnasser Hemmati, the former head of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), has been charged with providing the International Monetary Fund (IMF) with secret information three years ago when he was attempting to obtain a multibillion-dollar loan from the fund to finance Iran's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Iran (IMNA) – In 2020, when Iran filed for a loan under the IMF's Rapid Financing Instrument, Hemmati provided the IMF with extremely sensitive financial and economic information, according to Peyman Ghorbani, a former deputy at the CBI and the organization's current head of research.

According to Ghorbani, the documents also contained statistics on Iran's overall economic performance as well as details on the CBI's foreign exchange reserves held by banks in other nations, which were at the time decreasing as a result of US sanctions.

In April 2021, when Iran was "in the midst of an economic war" with the US, he claimed, the IMF had incorporated the data in a report that provided analytical analysis on the state of the world economy.

Ghorbani noted in a post on his account on the X platform that "at the time, Hemmati claimed that the IMF report's estimate of the amount of CBI reserves was an obvious error and that the report was an incorrect one that was based on flawed information."

The findings coincide with talks in the local Iranian media about the $6 billion in Iranian cash being released in South Korea as part of an upcoming prisoner swap between Iran and the United States.

Hemmati has attempted to minimize the agreement by claiming that, had he had sufficient political backing, he could have easily negotiated the release of the CBI monies in other nations when he was CBI governor.

However, Ghorbani claimed that by criticizing the prisoner swap agreement with the US, the former head banker is only attempting to shift the burden.

Source: Imna