Conductive Ink Pens Produced by Iranian Nanotechnology Company

TEHRAN (ANA)- An Iranian nanotechnology company managed to make conductive ink pens for educational and handicraft purposes.

‘Shimi Gostar Nano Mad’ company produced the conductive pen or marker containing metal nanoparticles for handicraft, educational and electrical applications.

The ink is diluted by water as solvent to make it environmentally friendly and easy to use.

The addition of metal nanoparticles into the ink of the fabricated pen has led to a significant reduction in materials consumption, resultant lower spot price and roughness and swelling of the written surface, and enhanced conductivity.

The product can be used in handicraft industry, kid education, electrical circuit design and solar cells.

Earlier this year, an Iranian company had also produced silver nanoparticles pens that can replace conductive glues in educational, industrial, and research issues.

Nanoparticles are used in these pens, which has advantages over silver glues.

Iran-made silver nanoparticles pens are sold at less than a third of the price of foreign samples and are similar in quality.

The foreign pens use silver microparticles, but the Iran-made pens use nanoparticles.

This issue reduces the use of silver in domestically-made pens. About 85 percent of silver by weight is used in common silver glues, while less than 45 percent of silver is used in Iran-made pens.

However, they have the same features and performance and at the same time have a lower price.


Source: ANA