Largest Biotechnology Factory in Iran Increases Annual Production of Enzymes to 1,500 Tons

TEHRAN (ANA)- An Iranian holding operating in the field of biotechnology, oil, gas and innovation development launched the largest biotechnology factory in the country in 2018, and now its annual production of enzymes exceeds 1,500 tons.

Ali Marjawi, one of the technologists in the Iranian holding attending a conference on “technology exchange in the field of the food industry” held in Tehran said, “This holding is operating in the fields of biotechnology, oil, gas and innovation development. It launched the largest biotechnology factory in 2018 and its annual enzyme production has now increased to 1,500 tons.”

He considered the availability, cooperation with other companies and the production of enzymes with various applications as some of the advantages of their holding, saying, “The enzymes produced by this holding have applications in the food, textile, livestock and poultry and detergent industries. Along with this product, probiotics have also been produced.”

He pointed to the production of enzymes for the treatment of waste oil industries as one of the achievements of the company, saying, “We have succeeded in producing enzymes for meat products in order to connect pieces of meat, while enzymes for the production of sausages and kielbasas have also been produced.”

He referred to starch and alcohol enzyme as other products of their holding, saying, “As of now, starch and alcohol production was done by chemical method, but we succeeded in producing enzymes in this area.”


Source: ANA