Iranian Technologists Find Formulation of Enzyme to Produce Starch, Alcohol

TEHRAN (ANA)- An Iranian knowledge-based holding company has achieved the formulation of enzymes for production of alcohol and starch and treatment of the wastewater remaining from oil extraction process.

“The enzymes produced by our holding company have applications in food, textile, livestock and poultry and detergent industries. We also produce probiotics,” said Ali Marjavi, the manager of the technological company.

“We also succeeded in production of enzymes for meat products to connect pieces of meat, while enzymes for making sausages and salami have been presented,” he added.

He underlined the importance of production of enzyme for making starch and alcohol and treatment of oil extraction wastewater , and said, “Until now, starch and alcohol were produced through chemical methods but we succeeded in producing enzymes to this end.”

In a relevant development in May, an Iranian company had also produced a core enzyme that is used for manufacturing laboratory test kits.

Core enzymes comprise subunits of enzymes required for catalytic activity.

Ali Gholami, the managing director of the company, referred to the detection of medical samples and diagnosis of infectious cases as other uses of the enzyme, saying the enzyme is also used in research and academic studies.

It is produced through recombining and constructing the enzyme gene with a promoter and cloning in a plasmid, transforming the plasmid inside an expression bacterium and producing an enzyme-producing bacterium.

Continuously cultivating and growing bacteria, purifying the enzyme by HPLC and isolated protein, and applying the HotStart feature are also some production stages of the enzyme.


Source: ANA