Khuzestan Petrochemical Town to Generate Huge Revenues for Iran

TEHRAN (ANA)- Head of Khuzestan Science and Technology Park said that necessary license has been issued to set up a petrochemical town in Mahshahr Industrial Town to generate the country a lot of income and meet domestic needs.

Mohammad Razi Jalali, the Head of Khuzestan Science and Technology Park in Ahvaz in the Southwestern province of Khuzestan, said that the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy has paid special attention to developing knowledge-based economy and boosting science and technology ecosystem.

He said that Khuzestan province is of special importance among other provinces in terms of its science and technology parks, adding that the Southwestern province has laid a good ground for the activity of knowledge-based companies and to boost the knowledge-based economy.

Jalali further said that attracting investment is one of the objectives of Khuzestan Science and Technology Park, adding that Saudi Arabia after restoration of diplomatic ties with Iran has the potential to invest in the park given its geographical proximity.

Jalali said that the petrochemical town will be built in an area of more than 500 hectares in Mahshahr Industrial Town through the private sector investment.

He also noted that the petrochemical town will save the country huge amounts of money by preventing the imports of commodities that can be easily produced inside that town.


Source: ANA