Iranian Company Produces Special Filters for Dialysis of Kidney Patients

TEHRAN (ANA)- Researchers of a knowledge-based company in Iran managed to produce dialysis filters for chronic kidney patients and succeeded in meeting the country's needs to the product.

Secretary of the Knowledge-Based Economy Development Department of the Iranian Vice-Presidency for Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy Mostafa Qaneyee visited a knowledge-based company that produces dialysis filters for kidney patients during a trip to Alborz province.

This knowledge-based company, as the parent company, has put the production of dialysis filters on its agenda.

It produces a wide range of dialysis filters in low-flux and high-flux types and is now considered as one of the producers with expertise and experience in production of dialysis filters.

The filters produced by the knowledge-based company are produced in Iran in accordance to the international standards and have ISO 13485 (European Union) standards.

Earlier reports in June said that six technological and knowledge-based companies in Iran had created a consortium to produce dialysis machines and necessary supplies.

Iran Dialysis Consortium consists of 10 knowledge-based and technological companies that operate in the supply chain of this area.

One of the knowledge-based companies of this consortium has been able to produce dialysis filter production line, dialysis water purification device and hemodialysis machine.

The dialysis filter production line includes 36 workstations that work automatically in five modules and assemble the dialysis filter step by step. In this line, the stages of fiber assembly, caps, glue injection, cutting, quality control of the cut surface, testing and labeling are carried out completely automatically.

Another technological company of the consortium has produced medical grade PVC granules (MED PVC-P ENA 7218), medical grade PVC granules with DINCH softener (codes MEDPVC-P ENA6519), big clamp and twist clips.

Meantime, another technological company, which is active in production of medical equipment, has made all types of blood bags (single, double, triple or quadruple) along with citrate, phosphate, dextrose and adenine anticoagulant formulations.

Hemodialysis grade sodium bicarbonate production line from sodium carbonate and CO2 gas, hemodialysis grade sodium bicarbonate production line from sodium carbonate and CO2 gas, synthesis of medicinal sodium bicarbonate with hemodialysis grade are among other products of the technology company.

The company has been able to produce and commercialize all types of filters and other equipment related to dialysis.

Another knowledge-based company in the consortium has produced polymer hollow fibers. Hollow fiber membranes have a porous overall structure with a compact layer as an effective and separating layer. This membrane enjoys the capability to remove blood toxins like uric acid and creatinine within the body's limits, without removing useful blood substances like blood cells.


Source: ANA