Russia warns Europe for ‘toy plane games’ in Ukraine

Russia warns Europe for 'toy plane games' in Ukraine

TEHRAN, Aug. 22 (MNA) – Commenting on the West’s decision to supply F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, the Russian Security Council’s deputy chairman Dmitry Medvedev advised Europe against becoming too carried away with its "toy plane games."

Commenting on German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock’s remarks, who described it as "a good day for Ukraine" and Europe, Medvedev wrote on Telegram: "Ah, don’t get carried away too much with toy plane games in your sandbox, kids. Lest the next ‘good day’ for Europe may become its last day."

He attached a photo of a downed Nazi Germany plane to the post, TASS reported.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said earlier that a "breakthrough agreement" had been reached on the supply of 42 F-16 fighter jets from the Netherlands. Apart from that, Denmark also announced plans to transfer 19 F-16s to Ukraine, with Kiev receiving six of them before the end of this year. Denmark has around 30 F-16 fighter jets that will be decommissioned when the country switches to the more modern F-35. The Dutch air force has 42 such jets.

Denmark and the Netherlands have already announced plans to train Ukrainian pilots with assistance from nine more countries.


Source: Mehr News