Launch of Qeshm-Sulaymaniyah direct flights discussed

TEHRAN – Tourism officials from Qeshm and Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region have discussed the launch of direct flights between Sulaymaniyah and the southern Iranian island.

On Saturday, Ebrahim Rostam Gurani, the tourism chief of Qeshm Free Zone, and Amal Jalal, who presides over the Tourism Board of Kurdistan Region, exchanged views about the possibility of establishing an air service between Qeshm and Sulaymaniyah, IRNA reported.

The proposal for establishing the air route was made by Jalal to facilitate tourist exchange between the two regions, which was welcomed by the Iranian side, the report said

Furthermore, Qeshm’s capacities in terms of travel destinations, accommodation, medical tourism, geotourism, and handicrafts were among other themes highlighted during the meeting held at Iran’s pavilion at the Sulaymaniyah International Tourism Expo.

Home to a UNESCO-designated geopark, Qeshm Island, which is a duty-free zone as well, is fringed with biologically diverse mangrove forests, attractive beaches, and 60 Bandari villages in the Persian Gulf.

Its blistering interior features geologically significant canyons, hills, caves, and valleys, most of which are protected as part of the Qeshm Island Geopark – bliss for nature lovers.

Moreover, the sun-scorched island is delightful. It is home to an abundance of wildlife, including birds, reptiles, dolphins, and turtles.


Source: Tehran Times